Three Window Covering Mistakes For Pet Owners To Avoid

Posted on: 26 April 2017

Window coverings are a must for privacy and keeping out light, plus they are a major decorative element in any room. Choosing the right coverings is even more challenging if you have a pet like a cat or a dog, since they are also drawn to the windows. Avoiding the following mistakes will help you find a window treatment both you and your pet can live with.

#1: Overlooking your pet's window needs

Many pets, just like people, want to be able to look outside. Choosing a rigid window covering that won't easily allow for this is what often leads to problems. For example, both dogs and cats will bend or break mini-blinds in an effort to get to the window ledge. For this reason, curtains that your pet can easily part can be a better window covering option. Another option is to get vertical blinds—just make sure the slat bottoms aren't linked by a chain. If your heart is set on traditional horizontal blinds, then pull them up a few inches so your pet can nose under without causing damage. This means sacrificing a bit of privacy, but you can save your window covering.

#2: Ignoring the dirt factor

Even clean indoor pets have skin and fur oils that will leave a grimy mark on your window coverings. Shedding can also make your window coverings look dingy. This usually occurs where they use their head or paw to separate the curtains to see through. You can be proactive with this problem by choosing an easy-to-clean window covering. Opt for vinyl or wood vertical or horizontal blinds so that you can easily wipe them clean. If you prefer fabric or choose curtains, select a washable variety to ease cleaning. You may also want to choose a color or pattern that won't show dirt as easily.

#3: Not preparing for pet-specific hazards

Some hazards are specific to your pet. For example, if your cat or dog is a chewer, then vinyl or wood blinds may not be a good option. In this case, curtains or fabric vertical blinds may work better. For cats that like to climb, curtains can be a major hazard, which means you may need to consider vertical blinds or shorter curtains that aren't as tempting. Think carefully about how your pet has damaged your current window coverings so you can choose new ones that don't attract the same sort of damage.

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