Why Using Granite Countertops Is Great For Modern Kitchens

Posted on: 17 July 2017

Anyone who is on the fence about granite countertops needs to understand why they are a popular modern style choice for many people. Here is a detailed look at what to expect from these countertops, including the potential cost they'll add to a remodeling project.

Why Granite Is Great For Modern Looks

So why are an increasing number of people turning to granite countertops to create a modern style? They are a diverse, sturdy, and easy-to-adapt type that is fun to install and great for many different kitchen styles. For example, it is possible to use wood and other materials as a contrast material to create a fun and unforgettable style.

It is also perfect for families who are looking to create a fancy-looking kitchen without a lot of work. Simply putting in some granite countertops from a place like Plastic Line Mfg Inc will quickly create a look that is hard to beat for most people. This fact is especially true if they are matched with more modern types of kitchen utensils and decorations.

Construction Benefits Of Granite

Another reason that granite has become a popular material for modern kitchens is its sturdiness. While some types require regular sealing, they should last a lifetime if maintained properly. Simply wiping down food stains and other contaminants is typically all you need to do to eliminate nasty buildup on your countertops and to keep them in great shape.

Granite countertops are also stress-tested to be stronger than other types of countertops. For the modern family with mile-a-minute children, this is a major advantage. Anyone who is interested in granite countertops needs to understand the cost investment that these modern decoration items may add to their home.

Budgeting For These Countertops

How much will a person spend on granite countertops? That all depends on the quality of materials and the size of the project. The average cost range is about $45 to $200 per square foot. Higher-quality and thicker slabs will cost more than thinner ones. For example, it is possible to use three-quarter-inch slabs instead of one-and-one-quarter-inch slabs.

While some installation experts may suggest granite tiles instead of slabs, it is worth going the extra mile for slabs. They are tougher than tiles, look better, and will last years longer than simple tiles.

As you can see, there are many reasons that granite countertops are perfect for modern kitchens. Deciding to install them all depends on the style a person wants to create and whether or not they can afford the cost investment.


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