4 Reasons To Frame And Hang Your Children's Artwork

Posted on: 18 August 2017

If you have kids, there is a good chance that they are always completing various paintings, drawings and other types of art projects. You could always be wondering how you should save and display them, and you should know that you have other options other than just to hang them on the refrigerator. Instead, consider putting them in a picture frame and hanging them on the walls in your home. These are a few reasons why this can be a great idea.

1. Keep it Safe

You might want to keep some of your children's best art pieces safe for a long time to come. Drawings and paintings can easily become smudged, stained, wrinkled or otherwise damaged if you aren't careful. If you put them in a nice frame, however, you can help keep them safe and in good condition. Then, you'll be able to keep and enjoy them for a whole lot longer.

2. Avoid Clutter

Another good thing about framing and hanging your children's artwork on the wall is the fact that it can help you avoid clutter. For example, you can choose a few favorite, most treasured pieces and display them. Then, you don't have to worry about having papers cluttering up the front of your refrigerator or the rest of your home. It's a good way to display your children's art without it making your home look messy.

3. Encourage Your Child

You may want to do what you can to encourage your child in his or her art-related endeavors. By hanging the pieces up on the wall so that everyone can see them, you can show your child that you truly have an interest in his or her work and can help encourage him or her to continue with being creative and making art.

4. Give Your Home Decor a More Personal Feel

Hanging up the same artwork that you see everywhere else isn't all that personal. If you hang up artwork that was made by your children, however, you can actually give your home decor a really personal and unique look and feel.

When many people think about framing and hanging things on their walls, they often think about family portraits or fancy paintings. However, you can actually have your children's drawings, paintings and other types of artwork framed as well. These are a few reasons why this can be a great option for decorating your home.


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