Incorporate Colored Bulbs Into Your Landscape Lighting Design

Posted on: 30 July 2018

Soft white and yellow aren't your only options when it comes to landscaping lighting design. You can create a unique look for your outdoor space with colored bulbs. If you've never considered colored bulbs for your home, here are some awesome ideas to help you create an elegant and stylish design. 

Try Before You Buy

When you first thought about purchasing a home, you took your time. Before you signed the papers, you walked through every room of the house to ensure you liked it first. You should take the same approach when it comes to your landscaping lights. 

Once you decide on some of the color bulbs you think you like, install a different light each night. Make it a point to look at the lights at sunset and later in the evening. Testing out the various lights, at different times of the evening, lets you get a better idea of how much you like the color. 

Keep Things Simple

Colored bulbs require a certain level of balance. If you go overboard with too many lights, or even too many colors at one time, you might not like the look you create. When it comes to exterior light design, it's best to keep things simple. 

For example, maybe you could only stick with one or two colors that blend well together with each other, such as a mix of purple and blue bulbs. A rainbow of colors or pairing colors that do not necessarily pair well with one another will make your home look less appealing.

Play Off Your Home's Color Palette

If you want color but you still want to keep things relatively simple or conservative, consider choosing colored bulbs that play off your home's color palette. For example, if your home is white with red trim, consider installing red bulbs. The red will pick up on the trim of your house and only make the color more radiant.

If you don't have trim, you can still use other elements from your home's exterior, such as your garden. For example, if you have yellow tulips in your garden, yellow bulbs would be a great addition. Similar to the trim, the yellow bulbs would make the tulips more radiant, even at night.

When incorporated tastefully, colored landscaping lights are an excellent addition. However, to get the most from these lights, you might want to get some help. A professional landscaping lighting design service can take your vision and turn it into reality. Contact a professional for assistance. 


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