Are You Decorating A Living Room And A Dining Room?

Posted on: 13 April 2019

Has the time finally arrived that you can design the look you want in the more formal areas of your house? Maybe you purchased the furniture for the rest of your house first. After all, your family room and your kitchen are both more than likely used more than your living room and dining room, aren't they? Or, maybe you were waiting for the time that your bank account would be healthy enough so that you could decorate in the way you wanted to.

No matter the situation, from selecting custom drapes to choosing the furniture for the living room and dining room areas, here are some ideas that might help you create an inviting and lovely setting for your friends and family to enjoy. 

Selecting Custom Drapes - If you are comfortable with making your own drapes for the living room and dining room areas of your house, go for it. You'll certainly save some money to doing the drapes yourself. On the other hand, maybe even the thought of shopping for the drapery fabric is more than you want to imagine. If that's the case, consider having your drapes custom made by professionals.

The great part about professionals making your custom drapes is that you won't even have to go into a store to select the fabric you want. The company that will make your draperies will have so many selections that you might have trouble making your choices. Not to worry. The decorators will have the training and the experience to give you idea that will help you make your decision.

For example, if you want a contemporary look in your dining room and living room, the consultant will more than likely suggest something like fabric with a simple geometric design. For a traditional, formal look, the consultant might suggest a very dressy fabric, maybe silk, taffeta, or a blend of fabrics.

Selecting The Furniture - Think of going through home decorating magazines to get ideas for the furniture you will select for your living room and dining room. For example, in one magazine you might fall in love with the look of antiques. If that's the case, go to antique stores to shop for similar furniture pieces. 

If you went with a contemporary feeling when you selected your drapes, consider going to a furniture store that sells modern furniture. Or, think of mixing different types of furniture. After all, there's no rule that says you can't have an antique desk in the same room as a contemporary sofa, is there?


Finding an Interior Designer for Your New Home

Hiring an interior designer to decorate your new home is a great way to ensure that the place has a polished look and feel once you move in. It’s also an effective way to ensure that your interior décor complements each other from room to room without having to understand the color wheel and other design aspects yourself. But to make sure that your new interior décor tells your personal story and is tailored to your specific needs and preferences, you’ll want to do some planning and leg work before hiring your interior designer. Start by making a list of your favorite colors, material textures, and design elements so they can be used as the base of your home’s new design. Check out the pages on this blog to learn more about how to find the perfect interior designer that will create the living spaces of your dreams.


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